ICOM IC-705 Frequency Stability 1

Since I recently modified my IC-9700 with a Leo Bodenar master reference insertion board providing it with a GPSDO locked master frequency of 49.152MHz I have been looking at drift of a number of my radios. I decided to test the IC-705.


I set the IC-9700 to transmit a carrier on 439.999MHz into a dummy load @ 0% RF (perhaps 1-2W not tested). This transmission was performed for 2hrs and monitored on the IC-705. I dropped the RX gain on the IC-705 and offset the VFO -1.5kHz so that I could monitor it using WSJT-X in FreqCal mode. The audio was taken from the IC-705 and provided to WSJT-X. The carrier would now show at 1500Hz in the audio passband in WSJT-X. The FreqCal mode shows delta frequency from this 1500Hz middle point.

I do not have any temperature values, however the in built temperature display was observed at the start and end of the test. The orange bar shows the swing, from high (right side) to low (left side).

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