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Radio Exam Preparation

Notes to the RSGB radio exams


ICOM 7100 – Advanced Instructions

ICOM ID-31a – Advanced Instructions

Kenwood TM-D710GE – English Manual

Elecraft KX3 – Owners Manual

Acom 1500HF+6 Manual

Yaesu FT1XDR – Manual

Yaesu FT1XDR – Wires X Manual

Yaesu FT1XDR – APRS Manual

Multi-Rock II manual Rev 1-1b

Palstar AT2K

Super Antenna YP-3

Radio Configs

Baofeng UV-5R – 22/09/15

ICOM ID-31a ICF File – 10/10/15

Other Tech Info

Icom 7100 GPS/serial NMEA wiring

icom 7100 gps interface

 Global Sat BR-355S4

global sat br-355s4globalsat br-355s4 pinouts

Global Sat BR-355S4 docs

 Garmin 18x LVC wiring

garmin 18x lvc


Chirp issues with Prolific USB/Serial Clones

Drivers from above page, if you have issues with the Prolific device due to it being a clone

MAX232 Simple Diagram




Icom id-31/id-51/5100 Data Cable

rs232icom data cable

Cables and Amperage


Reverse Voltage Protection (Simple)