GPS Working

Well, managed to get the BR-355S4 GPS module working on the Icom 7100 🙂

Used an LM2596S DC-DC Buck converter to bring the car volts 12-14.5 or so, down to 5.1v for the GPS. The gps module pulls 60ma max, so this device is well suited to regulate the volts.

Only wired the TX from the gps into the icom centre pin on the 2.5mm as didn’t really see the need in getting data from the radio to the GPS. Gounded the 2.5mm to the -ve output on the DC-DC converter.

Turned the ICOM 7100 on, and setup the GPS to external, and the icon showed up. 11 Sats received, good stuff indeed !!!

gps working dv-a

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