Sunday afternoon on Machen Mountain

Took a trip up to Machen mountain at approximately 1200ft ASL, and set up a HF vertical to try and make a couple of contacts. Met up with MW6FNV (Dale) and MW6TYD (Rich).

My setup consisted of a vertical (slightly sloping), 6m piece of 1.5mm conduite cable (multi-strand) connected to the 3/8 whip point on the truck, held up by an 8m fibreglass pole, cable tied to the roof rack ladder. This was fed by the SGC-237 coupler which was grounded out to the body of the car, no other radials or ground spikes were used. Rig was my trusty Icom 7100. The sgc would tune 160m right through to 4m no problem, 1:1 everywhere, amazing, quite amazing.  Worked Italy, USA and the UK.

TYD’s setup consisted of his new ATAS-120A and new Yaesu FT-857D. His first solo HF contact was made, and it was in the USA, just brilliant Rich. That setup really does work well !

Much fun (and food) was had, lots of chin wagging, and a couple of contacts made in the Autumn sunshine, great stuff indeed. Now to plan the next venture, next weekend anyone? 🙂



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