Monday night 2m outing

Took a quick trip up to Christchurch Hill, in Newport, over the top of St.Julians for the 2m CADARS Monday night net. As I was heading up there GWOFGO (Bill), 2W0OGY (Chris) and MW0RPB (Pete) were on the repeater GB3RT.

I set up shop using the mobile antenna on the truck, just down Catsash Road at location 1. I moved around a bit during the evening signals were pretty much 59+ for the repeater, heading over to location 2. We had quite a busy net, with GW8CRH (Ian) joining us, along with YAC (Ken), FNV (Dale) and RQM (Dave). Input signal reports were given and I could hear most, with the exception of Ken.

During the extended net, some 2+ hrs, the repeater had a funny few minutes, and we are yet to track down the issue. Perhaps overheating, or lack of input CTCSS on a transmission which might have caused it to get confused.


A good evening on the top of the hill 🙂



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