Cwmbran 2m Net – Monday Night

Well, after the over indulgence of Christmas, it was time for another 2m net on 145.375. I headed out in the Landrover to Catsash, my local highpoint some 600ft above sea level, within 10 mins drive of my front door.

Whilst driving there I could hear GW4YNP coming through GB3RT, but my receive signal was in and out, so I didn’t go back to him.

I got set up around 7:25pm at the top of Caelicken Lane, where it joins Coed Y Caerau Lane. MW0LUK/M was first to check in on GB3RT. He was having difficulties keeping GB3RT open from his location, and I was listening to his overs on the input with quite a strong signal to me. We moved to 145.375 simplex around 7:30pm.

The stations that arrived on frequency in order of appearance :

MW0LUK/M – Chris – Now stationary mobile in a lay by close to McDonalds on the A442 heading towards Abbergaveny. A great signal to me, 57/59 with some slight qsb. We had a good chat for about 20 minutes and we were able to stay in contact whilst he drove to Little Mill, even when Chris was sitting outside his garage at home. Good stuff. He even had his own light show, with his neighbours outside light turning on and off with each key 🙂

GW0OAJ – John – Arrived on show just as Chris was signing, but John was unable to copy Chris at all. John was a 5/9 no problem as expected.

GW4SUE – Margaret – Popped in about 5 mins after John showed, she thought it was the night for the Newport net on the same frequency, and it was great to hear her. She was a day early 😉 A great signal from Margaret over in Maesglass, from her 1981 Yaesu 227 memoriser (is that with an s or z?) at 10 Watts. 5/9 all through the evening.

2W0OGY – Chris – Called in around 8pm give or take, and was great to hear him on frequency. Concerns over the upcoming Frank storm were raised and possible damage to HF wire antennas shrugged off as ‘ah well’. Chris’ signal 5/6 5/7 no problem, to me at 600+ft ASL.

Chris and John said their farewells and I was about to QSY to the calling channel around 8:45pm and we were then joined by :

GW3NWS – Ross – Popped in to say hi, and had a natter with Margaret and myself for about another 15 or so minutes. Fantastic signal as always from Ross on his ‘white stick’ 5/9+++ no doubt at my end.

Around 9:10pm I hopped down to 145.275 to see if the usual suspects were on frequency, but was called back by 2E0BWK/M, Kevin, Peasdown, Bath. He was down south (home qth Harrogate) visiting family for a few days and was playing a bit of radio. We had a chat for a good 10 mins or so. His signal 5/6 with me from his mobile station/static. Good stuff, and safe journey Kev back home later in the week.

I decided to go QRT after that as it was approaching 9:30pm and headed home back to Magor.


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