GB1SS downlink on 145.800

So, at around 14:20utc, today, Tim Peake (GB1SS) was due to have a chat with a school in Bristol, Oasis Academy Brightstowe (GB1OAB).

I set up the IC-7100 to listen on 145.800 +3 or so kHz as he approached, moving to -3 or so as he left over the horizon.  The following video is the audio recording, all done through the 7100 qso recorder. The antenna being a 2/70 collinear vertical, the X510N from Diamond.  I found it interesting how his signal dropped as he was over head, obviously hitting the antenna end on.


2 thoughts on “GB1SS downlink on 145.800”

  1. Hi Richie

    Well done on the reception of Tim Peak from the ISS Space station
    Realy good quality signals,
    Did you hear any questions being asked? did they use 145.200 for the uplink or 70 cms? I did not have chance to get properly set up. but did copy some of it but not as good as yours.

    Perhaps next time

    Well done!
    Peter MW0RPB

    • Hi Pete,

      Yes 145.200 was being used but I think they were using a prime focus or something. I could not hear anything on that frequency so spent most of the time listening on 800.

      I am thinking about adding a horizontal antenna in to the mix to get a signal when over head next time.

      Next school chat is on the 26th Feb, 14:30utc.

      Cheers, Richie.


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