Follow Up – TVi

Issues at home all resolved. A whole night on 2m and 70cms, and not a single flutter or comment from mum when she was watching tv. Also a load of HF during the evening as well.  Happy Days indeed 🙂  My brownie points will now be preserved somewhat !


2W0LGE – New Callsign

Yay !!! after passing the exam on the 20th November, it has been a long wait, but finally I have my new Intermediate callsign :


A couple of contacts this morning to warm the sign up, and many more to follow I am sure.

All the best


Intermediate Exam – Passed

Well great news, both myself and Dale (MW6FNV) passed our intermediate exams with flying colours this evening with Newport Amateur Radio Society.

Really looking forward to the new facilities the license provides and the increased power.

Many thanks to Ross (GW3NWS) and John (GW0OAJ) for the expert tuition.

Two down, one to go !!!

73 ! 🙂


New Site

The minecraft server is gone (for now) as it wasn’t being used. When/if we decide to get back on it, and squib fancies running it again, we’ll get it up and running and send out some emails. In the mean time, you’ll have to put up with my ramblings on here.

New site being setup, using the old favourite, WordPress.

HAM and Bushcraft stuff to feature.

Enjoy 🙂